This Book was launched in late 2012, in Cloonacauneen Castle, Galway.

  • Author - Padraic Small , Anglingham, Castlegar, Galway.
  • Year - 2012
  • Produced by Colm Muldowney -
  • A synopsis of the Small Family Tree, relevant to the telling of Padraic's story
  • Various Stories from his Youth and other years - some honest accounts of mischief.
  • Some very interesting Photographs of the Region, complete with names of the People in them, where possible.
  • Describes the draining of the Corrib, and how that could effect a Farm / Land / a livelihood.
  • Accounts of working and social life in England, in the '60's.
  • Listing Families in Kyloughter , Anglingham and Carrowbrowne, when Padraic was young.
  • Contains a relevant Photograph of Ballindooley Castle - without its Plastered Frock.


An Excellent read - if anything, this Book has been tempered; when compared to Padraic's character.

This Man provided much needed employment for Local Youths in the economically depressing years of the '70's and '80's. He understands Tarmac, Concrete and Stonework, like few do.

Padraig introduced many People to trades and careers, which may not have happened otherwise - he'd give you a break, and "was good to pay".

Where can I buy it? Copies are available in Shops around Galway - Ballindooley Stores, to name one. As time passes, maybe try to contact Colm at the website listed above?